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Steung Sangke Hotel    

National Road N.5 Prekmorhatep Village, Svaypor Commune, Battambang District, Battambang City, Kingdom Of Cambodia.Tel: (855) 53 953 495 /Fax: (855)53 953 494

What’s the story?

The Stung Sangke Hotel story was a one of Church Catholic, Once used as Cambodia 7 January Hotel and complete restored in January 2005 after years of suffering and sadness.

Combining sensitivity, style and design and appreciation of Cambodia’s unique and magical. Our company prides itself in welcoming dignitaries, celebrities and numerous travelers and local patrons to its establishments.

Our objective: to give each visitor a small but unique memory of Cambodia.


The first deluxe international Hotel in Battambang province set within the heard of the city and offer unique blend of hospitality as well as deluxe hotel accommodation.

The hotel is the wise travelers secret to enjoy the marvels of BATTAMBANG and sister temples with the knowledge that one will enjoy the style and fun of staying at a truly great venue. (Read More)

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